The advantages of ECECOIL (Machine for Automatic Cable Winding into Box) when compared to the machines which carry out cable filling over a present roller are as follow;   

   The cable winding and discharging machines which are being used nowadays carry out winding and discharging treatments by winding flatly over wooden and steel rollers. For the weights of wooden and steel rollers are too much compared to the weights of the cardboard boxes, difficulties happen at the course of winding and discharging treatments.

   Replacing wooden or steel rollers whose winding treatments were completed with the empty wooden or steel rollers means more waste of time compared to using cardboard boxes.

   Volumetric dimensions taken space by the cables winding over wooden or steel rollers in unit lengths are more compared to the volumetric dimensions in case of using cardboard boxes. The transport of wooden and steel rollers also increases the cost of transport because they take more places.

   The prices of wooden and steel rollers on which cables are wound are more compared to the ones of the cardboard boxes.

   In the treatments of cable winding and discharging in the known techniques; deformations arising from high pressure forces effecting on cable plastic and copper wire in it and resistance deformations emerging in copper wire are eliminated with ECECOIL. 

   ECECOIL brings big advantages and facilities toward the treatments of cable winding and discharging.

   In this way, unit costs decreases by reducing the costs.

   At the same time, cardboard boxes make the recycling possible due to being an organic product. It is nature-friendly with this feature.

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